What do people in your state buy when nobody is looking? eBay has combed its data to come up with a nifty map that reveals what products are most often bought in every state. The results are well, weird. Delaware residents go nuts for robotic vacuums, while New Jersey folks have a weakness for men's cologne and Nebraskans love their food. Meanwhile, in Oregon, people are so paranoid that they're stocking up on security and surveillance equipment. Here are the most-bought products for 10 other states (click on link for full list):


  1. Arkansas: furniture

  2. California: high-end women's apparel

  3. Hawaii: vitamins

  4. Indiana: musical instruments

  5. Kansas: construction materials

  6. Maryland: men's footwear

  7. Missouri: jewelry

  8. North Carolina: baby products

  9. South Carolina: GPS

  10. Wisconsin: sporting goods