With the divorce rate hanging around the 50 percent mark, here are several reasons that dating a divorced guy could actually be a good idea.

1. He believes in serious, long-term commitment.

Although it may have not worked the first time around, the fact that he did get married shows that he believes in commitment.

2. The sex is awesome.

Married couples reportedly have sex less than single folks, so he'll probably be buck wild with someone who wants to do it all the time, or at least more than his ex-wife.

3. He "gets" it.

He's been there and done that, so he understands about ups and downs, petty arguments, and the struggles that come with a serious relationship.

4. Insta-family.

If you love babies, but aren't ready to have your own, then a divorced guy with kids will give you the baby-fix you're looking for without crowding your style.

5. He's housebroken.

Another woman has done the hard work of teaching him to put the seat down, call when he's late, and tread lightly during a bad week.

6. He has his ducks in a row.

He's probably had plenty of time to do some soul-searching and learn who he is and what he wants.

7. He's learned from his mistakes.

As with any relationship that has failed, lessons are always learned and he probably knows how not to make them again.