Buzzfeed has compiled a list of 21 little things that every late twentysomething should know. Here are the 10 soundest pieces of advice (for the full list, check out the link): 


  1. You do not need to attend every wedding you're invited to. You can just say no. 

  2. Take steps to get your dream career now. Don't wait. 

  3. When it comes to clothes, splurge on classic pieces that will last forever instead of the trendy ones. 

  4. Start a savings account, if you haven't already. 

  5. Call your parents at least once a week.

  6. Make one-on-one time for your close friends. 

  7. Let go of toxic friends who aren't worth your time.

  8. Take care of your damn fitness.

  9. Take care of your skin.

  10. You don't have to settle just because all of your friends are getting married.