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11 Texts You Send Your Best Friend Vs. What They Actually Mean

Posted July 15th, 2014 @ 9:28am

1. When you text: a bunch of emojis
You really mean: I'm pretending to text something important

2. When you text: Hey did you watch the newest episode of our favorite show?
You really mean: you better not be watching without me.

3. When you text: the poop emoji
You really mean: I read your text and I have no idea what to say

4. When you text: my poop looks like a manatee
You really mean: TMI is fun

5. When you text: what was that thing called?
You really mean: I know I can be vague and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about

6. When you text: Heeeeeeeeey
You really mean: I'm drunk

7. When you text: Hiiiiiiii (early in the morning)
You really mean: I'm hungover and possibly still drunk

8. When you text: everyone sucks except you
You really mean: come over ASAP

9. When you text: WOAH (when in the same room)
You really mean: they're about to make out

10. When you text: save this number 7326383
You really mean: my phone is dying and i don't have a pen

11. When you text: you're my best friend
You really mean: no, that's what you really mean.



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