It's possible to look cool, young, hip and hot for your age without borrowing clothes from your teenager.

Here are 10 styles commonly worn past their age limit.


1. Message t-shirts expire at 30. You don't need to express yourself with weird sayings, just try colorful tees instead of ones with words on them.
2. Too trendy denim with rhinestone embellishments and distressed patterns should not be worn past 35.
3. Costume shoes don't work past 45, once you hit that age range you don't want anything too high up or too fancy.
4. Super mini skirts should not be worn past 40 - go for a longer pencil skirt instead.
5. Anything with too much cleavage should be saved for those younger than 50. Then it just looks inappropriate.
6. Ribbed cotton tank tops are too skimpy to be worn after 40.
7. Once you hit 30 you can forget about those extra gadgets for your hair - clips and berets and scrunchies are really for younger girls.
8. Over-sized hobo bags can work until you're 50 when it starts to seem like you're chasing trends.
9. Cheap and unflattering underwear can be worn until you're 40 and then it's really important for things to fit properly.
10. Loud accessories call too much attention after 35 - stick to something classic and simple.