SERVE 6.8, a Fort-Collins based nonprofit that has been leading Northern Colorado in long-term flood relief efforts, has, among other efforts, been sending volunteers into mobile home parks to assist with home repairs. During their relief efforts, the City of Fort Collins contacted SERVE 6.8 about helping the Valdez family, who was particularly affected by the flood.

The Valdez family, a single mother of six children aged 2 to 18, lives in a 2-bedroom trailer that was in bad shape before the floods. Damage from the floods has made it nearly uninhabitable. SERVE 6.8 coordinated temporary solutions for the home; but according to multiple contractors’ and the City of Fort Collins Healthy Sustainable Homes Program’s assessments, the home is irreparable and must be replaced.

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In addition to replacing the trailer, three of the Valdez children are blind and the new home will require accessibility modifications to ensure the children’s safety. The Valdez family has limited resources and cannot afford the approximately $20,000 it will take to remove and dispose of the current home, replace the home, and have the necessary accessibility modifications made.

Using Community Funded as their fundraising platform, SERVE 6.8 launched a project on Tuesday, November 5 to raise $20,000 from the community to assist the Valdez family in reconstructing and retrofitting their home.

"We have identified a second hand trailer that is in excellent shape and have a quote for purchase and installation," said SERVE 6.8’s Director of Communications Kari Stewart. "This cost includes the costs of handicap ramps, rails and other additions to facilitate the needs of the handicapped children. We are trying to get this all done so we can replace and install before winter hits."

This project has paid tribute to the incredible power of collaboration for which Northern Colorado is known. Several organizations including the City of Fort Collins Healthy Homes Program, Timberline Church, and Mosaic have worked together to provide support and assistance for this family in need. SERVE 6.8 is now reaching out to the community to for the financial support needed to help get the Valdez family into a healthy, safe environment. SERVE 6.8 will provide all volunteer labor for demolition, removal, installation and handicap retrofitting.

The project will be accepting donations between Tuesday, November 5 and Tuesday, November 19. To donate, click the button below: