Plant It Forward is drafting people in the community for help this year and encouraging all gardeners to assist the Gardens of Spring Creek and the Larimer County Food Bank.

They are asking home gardeners to help by donating a portion of their fresh produce to meet the dietary need of almost 30,000 residents in the county.

Plant It Forward now has "Neighborhood Champions", people who have offered up their homes or business locations for drop offs.

Neighborhood Champions are additional drop off locations for people who cannot make it to The Gardens or The Food Bank.These champions can be recognized by yard signs and collection bins in order to ease the donating process.

The goal of Plant It Forward is to have half of the food provided to be fresh fruits and vegetable said Susan Kelly, Food Resources Manager for the Food Bank in Larimer County.

Plant It Forward began in 2011 and last year they generated 11,707 pounds of produce. They are aiming for 15,000 pounds for this year.