Is there a reason that we as a society pay more attention to what’s happening in the world of Hollywood and professional athletes than we do to what’s going on right next to us? I would even go as far as saying sometimes we pay more attention to the “gossip “ of the world then to our own families.

A prime example us as paying so much attention to something that it absorbed not only America but the entire world was the death of Whitney Houston. When the Houston unfortunately passed away it was as though nothing else seemed to matter in the world; from politics to sports everyone was so wrapped up in Whitney’s passing nothing else mattered.

Another example, which at this point there are almost too many to count, there is Tiger Woods. Why is his or any other celebrities’ personal life any of our business? I am not giving him a “free pass” for what he did but why does everyone feel the need to make such a big deal about his business and then push their own personal problems to the side?  Because a pro golfer who had a string of affairs is more important than what’s going on in the “real world”?  Does everyone really need to hear the voice mail he left on one of his alleged mysterious phone?

In the end, I believe if we want to be a better society we should stop paying so much attention to not only celebrities and pro athletes; and start paying attention to what’s going on in the world around us. Pay attention to family, friends and politics. Get some knowledge on the real issues and not a story that will be irrelevant in two weeks.