Today’s the day - that is, the final day to cast your vote in the Colorado Republican primaries.

The election, as you probably already know, is to choose a candidate on the GOP ballot that will run against Gov. John Hickenlooper for Governor of Colorado. The candidates running in this election are Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler, former Representative Bob Beauprez, former Representative Tom Tancredo, and former State Senate Minority Leader Mike Kopp.

The vast majority of voters have already sent in their ballots through the mail or through early voting; mail-in ballots are no longer being accepted, but polling is still in progress. In-person voting lasts until 7pm today.

Even if you’re not registered with the GOP, there’s still time to vote! Non-partisan voters can become affiliated with the Republican party today and cast a vote as long as the election is still happening. Voters who are affiliated with another party will not be able to vote if they switch parties; they need to have switched at least a month before an election to participate in said election. Even if you are not registered, you can register and vote today.

Who do you think will win?