Have you listened to "The McCarthy Report" yet?  I think you should.  I sat down with Tim McCarthy yesterday to talk about the show because I, yes I, think it's important. 

The McCarthy Report is about the Baby Boomer generation.  But it's not just for Baby Boomers to listen to.  It's for US, the other generations, Gen X, Gen Y and beyond.  Millions of Boomers are needing more and more care because they are now 65 and older.  The cost to cover this is astounding.  In this weekend's Report, Tim will talk about the millions of boomers getting older and looking at the shortage of caregivers to provide the care they need.  What's worse is the Boomer's "kids" are in the 60s, sometimes in their 70s and can't care for them themselves.  To place them in an assisted living center or even a nursing home is very emotional for everyone, time consuming and costly.  It will be mostly the kids, grandkids and even great grandkids of the Boomers today that will be managing the effects of this in the decades to come. 

It's hard to have the talk with your parents to prepare for the future.  My grandparents had everything in place.  The will, the trust, the money, where they would live, how they would get care, etc.  My dad didn't have to do anything but follow the instructions.  It's not a bad thing to sit down with your loved ones and plan.  Plan before it's too late. 

Listen to "The McCarthy Report" this weekend.  Saturday at 7pm, Sunday at 7:30am and 11:30am.

Let me know what you think!